A New York Times bestseller!

 “Sharp, moving... Wamariya and her co-author, Elizabeth Weil... describe Wamariya’s idyllic early childhood in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, and the madness that followed with an analytic eye and, at times, a lyrical honesty....” — Alexis Okeowo, The New York Times Book Review

"Like Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone, on being a boy soldier in Sierra Leone, or Joseph Kim’s Under the Same Sky, on escaping North Korea, The Girl Who Smiled Beads is at once terrifying and life-affirming. And like those memoirs, it painstakingly describes the human cost of war." — Nora Krug, The Washington Post

“Remarkable... Wamariya and the journalist Elizabeth Weil set out to sabotage facile uplift.... The fractured form of her own narrative—deftling toggling between her African and American odysseys—gives troubled memory its dark due.” —Ann Hulbert, The Atlantic

"Unforgettable." — People

"This beautifully written and touching account goes beyond the horror of war to recall the lived experience of a child trying to make sense of violence and strife.... A must-read." — Library Journal, starred review

“This book is not a conventional story about war and its aftermath; it’s a powerful coming-of-age story in which a girl explores her identity in the wake of a brutal war that destroyed her family and home. Wamariya is an exceptional narrator and her story is unforgettable.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)






Old book.

“A whip smart and contagiously humorous attempt to address the eternal conundrum of domestic ennui and its discontents.”  — Elle

“Weil has a voice that charms, full of wit, intelligence and compassion.” — Oprah

“Witty, honest . . .”  — People

“The story of their marriage-improvement journey is both hilarious and insightful.”  -- The New York Times

“Quite wonderful . . . an astonishingly intimate, hilariously self-deprecating, vibrant and thoroughly modern memoir.”  — San Francisco Chronicle

"What ultimately makes No Cheating, No Dying such a thrilling read is the way Weil fiercely includes the reader in the secret life of her marriage."  — Knoxville MetroPulse

“An engaging, often funny and heartfelt memoir about the not-so-romantic realities that can follow 'I do.'"  — Tampa Bay Times

"Part experiment, part memoir — told with candor and grace. . . . "  — New Jersey Star Ledger





Co-written book. 

A New York Times bestseller.


Really old book.